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Meghan Warren


Meghan Wedding Story by: Meghan W.

Meghan Warren Wedding Story

My name is Meghan Warren. I am 22 years old. I got married to the love of my life, Brock Warren, on April 17, 2011. In order for you to fully grasp how wonderful my wedding was, and how happy I was to be marrying the man of my dreams, I will have to tell you about our love story from the beginning.

Our love story began in March of 2007. I was 17, homeschooled, in high school and living with my mom, two younger siblings and my grandparents in San Diego.I was on MySpace (back when it was cool) and I was looking to meet some in friends in the San Diego area. I came across a boy’s profile, looked at it for a few minutes, then moved onto the next profile. Little did I know, he had a tracker on his page and was able to see I looked at his profile.

A few days later I got a message and friend request from him. He went on to tell me that he saw I looked at his profile and would love to hangout sometime. He promised he was not a crazy person. He just got stationed in San Diego (He is in the United States Navy) and he would like it if I could show him around. I was skeptical at first, but I did add him to my friend list. Later that day, I told my mom all about the message. She said she didn't want me meeting with someone I met online, but I could still talk with him.

After that, I wrote him back telling him what my mother said. He was a little disappointed, but understood where she was coming from. After that we sent messages back and forth for a few weeks, then eventually exchanged numbers. From there it spiraled out of control. We would talk and text every day and became best friends.

Months later he told me that he was getting stationed in Hawaii. He still really wanted to meet me. My mom said I could meet him, but she had to meet him first. I did not let him know this though. For some reason I was kind of scared to meet him. I felt that since he was getting transferred, there was no point in meeting him. I really liked him and I would have been heartbroken if I met him and then he had to leave.

So he moved to Hawaii and we still talked almost every day. He even got deployed for six months and yet he would call and email me as much as he could. I looked forward to every time I got an email or got to hear his voice on the phone.

It was getting close to Christmas time and Brock asked me what I wanted. I jokingly said, "You mean besides you?" He laughed and said yes. So I told him a few others things.A few weeks later, he told me that a package should come for me and I needed to be home to sign for it. The day my package was supposed to arrive, I was watching my brother and sister. The doorbell rang and there HE was- dressed in a Santa Clause suit. Later that night we had our first date. Since my brother and sister came along, we went to go see Alvin and the Chipmunks in theaters and then went mini golfing.

A few nights later he asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course I said "YES!" I knew this would be a long-distance relationship, but I would wait for him. About a week or so later he went back to Hawaii.

From that point on, we saw each other a few weeks out of the year, usually for the Christmas holiday. We also went through two more deployments. On one of his deployments I went to stay with his family in Texas over the summer and got a summer job there. Brock was still deployed and had a few weeks left before his ship made it back to Hawaii. On July 11, 2009 Brock surprised me yet again! He was able to fly off his ship early and fly to Texas (Of course I had no idea).

I had been out shopping with his sister all day and when I got back to the house, Brock’s mom said Brock had sent me a present and it was in the house. I looked toward the house and there were roses leading to the front door. As I went to pick them up, there were notes on each one. The rose trail ended in front of a mirror. When I looked in the mirror, I saw Brock standing behind me. I turned to give him a hug but he stopped me. He then got down on one knee and proposed. I was in shock!!! Finally I said "YES!"

He got stationed back in San Diego for a year then went on yet another deployment. We planned our wedding together as best we could. He came home from deployment about a month or so before our wedding, so we made the finishing touches together. We were married on April 17, 2011 at the Little Chapel of the Roses in Bonita, Calif. I was nervous, yet excited, as I got ready to walk down the aisle.

I did my makeup, then put in my dark brown hair extensions from halohairextensions.org, curled my hair and pinned it to the side with a flower. Our wedding party was about 35 people. His family, my family and a few friends attended. Everything was perfect and turned out even better than I expected. As I said my vows to Brock, I was filled with love and pride that I was marrying my best friend and a hero to our country.

The reception took place on the back patio of a small Italian restaurant called Old Venice. We ate, toasted, mingled, laughed and of course kissed a lot. Brock’s stepmom and brother took our pictures. My friend Aj caught my bouquet and my cousin’s (now husband) caught the garter. Our wedding colors were pink, yellow and orange and my mom made our cake (lemon and strawberry) to match the color theme. Our flowers were Gerber daisies with a few roses.

We said our goodbyes to family and friends and rushed toward Brock’s truck as we got candy hearts thrown on us. The night was coming to an end, but I couldn’t be happier because I was now Mrs. Warren.

We had our honeymoon in Ireland and got to stay in a castle. We are now stationed in Tennessee and will be here the next three years. We celebrated our first anniversary this April and couldn’t be more in love. We have three furbabies and will be starting a family soon. Here’s to 50 more years!


Karina Wedding Story by: Karina

Karina Wedding Story

My name is Karina and I am a 19-year-old girl from Texas. My love story begins in August 2007, the beautiful summer day I met my wonderful finance, Roy. I was 14 at the time he was 18. We were very young and naïve, but I knew deep inside he was the one for me. In November 2009, I gave birth to our son, Jaiden Kane. It was the most emotional, loving, amazing moment of my life. I knew then that the love I felt for Roy was growing into to a whole other little human being that belonged to us.

When people would put us down and say that we were never going to make it, we proved them wrong. Now, five years later, we are still standing strong. We're very young I know. We rushed into a lot of things, but I know from the bottom of my heart that I love this man and he loves me too. We've been engaged for three years but never had the time to start planning, or even have the income, for a wedding. But I have faith that one day I'm going to have the wedding that I've always dreamed of.


Dee Wedding Story by: Dee D.

Dee Wedding Story

I want to tell you my wedding story. I married the man of my dreams on October 23, 2010. It was a beautiful day and night with a full moon in the night sky. We had a gorgeous golf course right outside our wedding reception with wonderful landscapes. All our families and close friends were there, around 150 people, but not a huge wedding or an expensive one by any means.

My gown was dreamy. My makeup was just the way I wanted it. The only thing I stressed about for two months before the wedding was my hair. I went to a hair salon to get my ends trimmed so my hair would look nice and healthy. Unfortunately, the lady who cut my hair, like many hair stylists do, cut my hair too short, just above my shoulders.

I wanted to have long, flowy hair with waves so badly and I was upset. Right after that, I talked to the lady I hired to do my makeup and style my hair about the situation. She comforted me by telling me not to worry and that she would add some volume and length to my hair by adding extensions.

I went to do a trial with her and I was absolutely amazed about how it turned out. I fell in love with extensions. I had wonderful, long hair with waves on my wedding day like I wanted. I'm not sure what brand of clip-in extensions she used on my hair.

I have been affected by the bad economy, and like many people, I got laid off. My husband lost his job soon after we got married. I really wish that I could afford extensions, but with two people struggling to make ends meet, it's hard to afford those luxuries. I watch YouTube videos of girls who use extensions and envy them all the time. And I watched really positive reviews on your extensions on YouTube, so I'm attaching a few pictures of me on my wedding day with extensions in my hair. I hope you guys love the look just as much as I did.


Antoinette Wedding Story by: Antoinette D.

Antoinette Wedding Story

I had been dating, living and raising my daughter with my now husband for three years before I finally married him. We did not have a lot of money, but I didn?t care. I wanted to have his name. I wanted to be a Davis like he and my daughter.

So after a few months of saving and getting donations from my family and his, we set the date for August 25, 2007. Everyone was so afraid of it being too hot. I decided to go informal and have beach wedding. How did I do this? Well, luckily my in-laws have a pool and a beautiful back yard. We put lilac shaped candles in the pool and used sea shells in our table toppers.

I wore a bridesmaid dress that was white and lacey with white flip flops. The groom wore a white Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts and brown flip flops. The bridesmaids wore sun dresses with big blue flowers on them. The ushers had yellow and blue Hawaiian shirts. It was perfect. It was a quaint wedding with only a few guests. I had so much family that only immediate members were invited.

I remember everyone telling me my husband and I couldn't see each other because "its tradition". Well, we obviously hadn't been traditional thus far already having a baby and all. So I decided before I walked out in front of everyone I would find him and kiss him. I ran around the house wondering where they were hiding him. I finally found him outside by a tree pacing. I ran up and kissed him as hard as I could and then ran away before he could say a word. I felt peaceful after that and my butterflies flew away.

When I finally walked down the "aisle," which was steps up on to a deck overlooking the pool, I saw him with a huge smile on his face, looking much more relaxed then he had been 20 minutes earlier. We married that day and ever since then I know that the best way to keep us both relaxed is just give each other a kiss. We have been married for nearly five years now and I look forward to every year to come.


Katie Wedding Story by: Katie C.

Katie Wedding Story

My husband and I met during my sophomore year of high school. He was a senior and we were both on the school newspaper staff.

Even though we were really young, we started talking about marriage when I was only 17 years old. I turned 18 shortly after my high school graduation and he proposed a month later. It was a very romantic proposal in a nice restaurant that spun around to give you a picturesque view of the city. After dinner, we went on a horse and carriage ride through downtown.

Because I had just graduated from high school, I wanted to wait to get married until after I finished college. I began attending a college nearby my home, but still lived on campus for my first two years of school. But during my junior year, my future husband and I moved in together and I commuted to classes. Later that year, we found out we were expecting our first child and decided to move up our wedding date.

We knew we wanted to get married before the baby came, so we planned a wedding in just four months. We were fortunate to have lots of help and support from our families. The colors for our wedding were red, white and black. My grandmother bought me a beautiful dress with a really long train and flowing veil. My mother-in-law made us a gorgeous tiered cake accented with red flowers. I carried a bouquet of red roses decorated with miniature white flowers.

We had our ceremony and reception in the community building of a local park. My husband and I each had four wedding attendants, plus our flower girl, who happened to be my husband?s five-year-old little sister. We didn?t plan to have a ring bearer, but when my sister-in-law got last-minute nerves and didn?t want to walk down the aisle by herself, my husband?s six-year-old nephew stepped in to escort her.

And while our wedding day was amazing, I wouldn?t say it went off without a hitch. About a half hour before the ceremony began, the DJ we hired told us he didn?t bring the sound system we needed for the ceremony, which was taking place in the upstairs portion of the building. And not only that, he didn?t have all the music we requested either. I had a slight Bridezilla moment, but thankfully the groomsmen came to the rescue and took apart the one sound system the DJ had brought and carried it upstairs so we could have music during the ceremony.

Our reception was a lot of fun and people danced to songs like ?YMCA.? My husband and I had our first dance to Shania Twains? ?Looks Like We Made It.? Our tables were decorated with vases of roses and little Cinderella carriages that held place cards I made myself.

After the wedding was over, we didn?t go on a honeymoon. Instead, we used the money towards a down payment on the house we bought. This year, we just celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary and are the proud parents of a three-year-old boy and a 10-month-old baby girl. We are looking forward to many more years of happiness together!


Diamond Wedding Story by: Diamond M.

Diamond Wedding Story

My name is Diamond Martin and this isn't my story; it's my mom's. My mom told me how she met my step dad and it was really funny. But before we get there, my mom was a single mom taking care of me and my little brother all by herself. She was working as a Master Sergeant in the Air Force. She has been serving her country for almost 20 years now and she has been a great mom for all 17 years of my life. When she met my step dad, I noticed a difference in her. She smiled more and wasn't as tired looking. It was as if she was starting her life all over again.

My mom met my step dad at the gym on base and from what she told me, she wasn't really paying him any attention. My step dad kept trying to get her eye and finally it paid off. She invited him over to the house after they had been dating for a little while. My brother and I were trying to give him a hard time when we first met him, trying to see what kind of person he was and if he was worthy of having her in his life. The funny thing is, my step dad invited my mom on a date at Red Lobster and thought it was just her coming, but it turned out to be her, my brother and me. You can imagine the look on his face. The funny thing is he doesn't eat seafood, so even though he did not eat anything, he paid the bill for all of us.

A couple of months after him coming around more, he came upstairs one night and showed me this big, beautiful ring and asked me if he could marry my mom. I was lost for words because I was used to it being just me and my mom and now that was going to change. But I wanted her to be happy so I said he could. While I was upstairs in my room, he asked her and I could hear my grandma yelling with joy. My mom said yes. She didn't have a big, flashy wedding like she wanted, but she talks about she will soon. I'm happy for her. They have been together for about seven years. I am happy for her. My mom deserves to be happy and have someone who cares for her as much as I do. Well, that's her story. Not really your fairy tell story, but hey, love is love no matter how or where you find it.


Nancy Wedding Story by: Nancy P.

Nancy Wedding Story

On March 29, 2011, I surprised my husband with renewing our vows. I found a wonderful woman in Key West that met us on Mathers Beach. It was a wonderful ceremony and my husband again said yes.

Two days before our vow renewal, I had injured my foot. Two weeks after the ceremony, I found out it was broken. I had a great time, but it was very painful.

Our original wedding took place in our back yard on April 10, 1993. We are still madly in love after all these years.


Bonnie Wedding Story by: Bonnie M.

Bonnie Wedding Story

My name is Bonnie and I am a disabled woman getting married next May. I have been buying extensions for a while now and love them. I want to look GREAT on my day! All my life I have felt ugly. Being a short-statured woman in a wheelchair really did a number on my self-esteem as a teen. Once I became an adult, I realized you can't change who you are and decided to rock it. I started dressing sexy and discovered clip-in extensions. I always had thin hair that I hated. I always wanted full, luxurious hair and bought tons of hair products and styling items to try to make it pretty. I even used to crimp it every day.

But then I discovered clip-in hair extensions and have been using them for the last eight years. I tell people all the time that I wear them. I always say and live by "If ya' can't grow it, buy it!" LOL!

I met my fiance through a mutual friend when I was 15. We have been on and off since 1986. I moved to California from Miami for about nine years and we re-kindled our love three years ago. I moved all the way back to Miami to be with him and we just knew that this was it; he's the ONE, my missing puzzle piece.

He's such a sweet, affectionate, funny man. I couldn't ask for anything more. He surprised me when we got engaged. He had a friend make special cupcakes and had the ring right below the cupcakes. I had no idea!!!

We both were raised in New York so we are having our wedding there. We are on a very tight budget so winning this contest would help a lot for me to look my best on my big day. Thank you for hearing my story!


Kristie Wedding Story by: Kristie

Kristie Wedding Story

My name is Kristie and I am 23 years old. I have been with my husband for six years and we recently got married on 9/10/11 (I know, cute, right?) My wedding day was truly amazing and it is a day I will never forget for many reasons.

I live in Pennsylvania and the day before the wedding there was a huge flood- the biggest flood on record in the last 39 years within Pennsylvania. It was so severe that most roads were being closed and almost every business was shutting down due to state of emergency. I don't think I?ve ever had a panic attack before, but there is a first time for everything.

I was so nervous that all of our venues would have to cancel and most guests that were traveling out of the area would not make it. I was honestly to the point where I just wanted to call the whole thing off and reschedule at a later date.

Needless to say, 9/10/11 turned out to be a very lucky day. I woke up and immediately turned on the news to see that businesses and roads were reopening and water was clearing out. Guests were already on their way and everything was slowly falling into place. We ended up having a perfect day and I couldn't ask for more. They say if you are truly in love nothing can get in your way... Not even a natural disaster!


Casey Wedding Story by: Casey B.

Casey Wedding Story

As high school sweethearts, there was no doubt about my fiance and I's wedding colors... CAMO and ORANGE baby!

Now, I know what you're thinking. Redneck wedding with a bunch of beer cans and cut off shirts. But that is not true in our case. Being that we were both raised in the country, we are a little "hickish," but our wedding will be classy and respectable. We've set the date for October 20th.

We have selected mossy oak breakout camo with the hunter's safety orange for colors. The groom, groomsmen and ring bearer will be wearing camo vests with orange ties. The bridesmaids are wearing orange dresses with camo ribbons along the waist.

Now for the important part! The bride will wear a long, ivory silk dress with orange sequins with camo in the silt down the legs. Our flowers are going to be orange Tiger Lillies and dark sunflowers. Our ceremony will be conducted in front of a fire place with Tiger Lillies and deer antlers along the mantle. We have a 3D-inflatable deer for decoration.

And instead of the normal throwing bird seed and blowing bubbles, we have decided to let balloons filled with confetti loose and allow the groomsmen to pop the balloons in the air and let the confetti fall.

Our reception dinner will be a home-roasted hog that we will be serving as BBQ pork with baked beans and coleslaw. For drinks there will be your choice of lemonade, tea and water. We have every intention of making this a fun, eventful wedding and an experience people will never forget. And for people to realize camo can be classy too!


Brittany Wedding Story by: Brittany L.

Brittany Wedding Story

My name is Brittany Lingafelter. I am 20 years old and am currently planning my wedding! I met my fiance in my very first business class at the University of Auburn at Montgomery. I knew it had to be fate because at orientation I decided that I didn?t want to be a business major and was on my way to change my major when I decided to give business a chance. I am so glad I did because I was able to meet the love of my life.

A month after we got engaged, my grandmother passed away from a heart attack. This put a dent in my wedding planning because I was looking forward to doing everything with her and my mother. I am still trying to incorporate my grandmother by making one of my wedding colors purple, which was her favorite color. She loved my fiance so much and even though I am sad that she will not be there on my special day, I am still looking forward to spending the rest of my life with the man that helped me get through her death. He has always been there to support me and help me get through anything.

Now we have 10 months till our wedding and could not be happier! I am enjoying the planning process, but cannot wait till the day that I get to walk down the aisle to my love. We are getting married outside of a Victorian mansion in Montgomery and we are leaving in a horse and carriage. I never went to prom in high school and have always wanted a day where I could dress up and feel like a princess. Now that I have found my prince, I can?t wait for us to have our fairytale wedding!


Bridget Wedding Story by: Bridget G.

Bridget Wedding Story

Every marriage has a story to it, whether it?s a good story or bad one. My story begins on March 21, 2005. That was the day I met the love of my life, Jessy. We were both 14 years old and naive. We began talking as friends until he finally asked me to be his girlfriend on May 3, 2005. Since I met him, I always knew he was very different from other guys. I know what you?re thinking-a girl at 14 years old shouldn?t be thinking that, but I was.

Our relationship, like any other, had its bad times and its good times. In September 2010 we found out that I was pregnant. I felt scared, shocked and very nervous. How were 19 year olds going to raise a baby? That was what really scared me the most. Those were probably the hardest moments of our relationship.

Finally, on July 9, 2011, we welcomed our beautiful daughter, Daisy Layleen. Our baby girl couldn?t be any more perfect. We were both very thankful for the greatest gift we could have ever received. Me and Jessy got married the following year on May 10, 2012.

Our relationship was never perfect and never easy. Some people may even say I made a mistake by falling in love so young. Yes, maybe we did fall in love very young and yes, maybe we did grow up faster than other kids, but I do not regret anything I did. I love my family with all my heart and nothing will ever change that.


Ashea Wedding Story by: Ashea S.

Ashea Wedding Story

My name is Ashea Stephens. I'm a young 16 year old lady. I'm not quite thinking about get married soon, but I am going to be featured in my aunt's wedding as a bridesmaid! I'm super excited and can't wait to attend. Being able to be in her wedding means a lot considering this day is all about her. To go along with this wonderful, beautiful day, I would love to have the honor to wear Human Hair Extensions. I've heard nothing but great comments!


Gladys Wedding Story by: Gladys O.

Gladys Wedding Story

My name is Gladys Ortiz. I am 29 years old. I recently married my soul mate, Marcos A. Ortiz, on April 13, 2012. We met for the first time at Olive Garden on March 2, 2011. I was there with my mom to catch up on things. Marcos was our waiter. He was super kind and handsome. I ordered some wine and he said it would be on the house. I thought that was very kind. My mom began talking to me about how I am still single and how he seems like a good guy to get to know. So at the end of the night, I went up to him and gave him my number. He was very pleased.

Two days later I got a call from him. We talked and what I thought was going to last 20 minutes lasted for two hours. We finally came to the conclusion that we should arrange a date. He said he would love to take me to lunch. I didn?t hesitate to say yes. I really did like him. We got along really well and I liked his personality. He seemed to like me too. But I still needed to tell him that I had two kids. So when we went to grab lunch, I told him a little about myself and so did he. I told him I was a single mother with two kids and looking for a serious relationship. He took it surprisingly well. He was actually excited to meet them for the first time after we had been dating for a while.

I was filled with joy that my life seemed to be coming back together after a hard struggle through my family problems. I just wanted something to smile about and make me happy and he seemed to complete me. He told me that he is widowed and has never had kids before except for a step son, who is now no longer in his life. He told me he loves kids and wants to make this relationship work. But he told me one thing that really stood out. He was in the army. I was really impressed by that. He had served for five years.

I really felt comfortable with him. After a month of dating, I decided to introduce him to my kids. I have two girls. They are 8 and 10. They seemed not to like him very much and gave him the cold shoulder. They were really harsh on him. They have never been nice to any of my past boyfriends because their father left them and it has taken a great toll. But after two months him being around, they seemed to like him very much. He was being the father they never had and they really did care for him.

On July 8, 2011, we went to get ice-cream at Cold Stone with my kids. After we grabbed our ice-cream, we ended up walking to a nearby park. We were on the benches looking at the kids playing. Then he whispered in my ear, "I love you." I pretty much froze and stared at him until I could say I love you too. I really did too. I knew he would be the one since the second I laid eyes on him. After eight months of dating, on November 13, 2011, he took me to Olive Garden where we first met. While I was eating my salad, the staff came out with a cake and a ring on top of a rose on the cake. He took the ring and said these exact words, "Gladys Rodriguez, would you be my wife and spend the rest of our lives together?" I came out in tears. I was shocked and surprised. I told him "Of course I do."

So on April 13, 2012, we got married in a Catholic church. I got dropped off at the church in a limo. The theme colors of our wedding were white and maroon. The church was so beautiful. The reception went great also. My cake was so beautiful. I was filled with so many emotions. I just looked back at my life, thinking that when I was a little girl, I knew I was going to marry the love of my dreams one day. This was my first thought when I was walking down the aisle. After the reception was over, Marcos and I were happily married. We had our honeymoon in Hawaii on a cruise ship. We now live in North Carolina with my two little girls. We are a very happy family and I thank God for that. I?m for sure that our marriage will last till the end.


Temilade Agboola Story by: Temilade A.

Temilade Wedding Story

I walked into the ceremony and my jaw immediately dropped at the exquisiteness of the décor- the white curtains draped on the walls, the white lacey-looking tulle placed on the pew, the silver aisle runner and the splash of gold and silver here and there.

The church was so breathtaking; I lost my breath for a second. I thought, “Wow, this is amazing.” Little did I know that was just the beginning. The bride walked in and I almost started crying at how beautiful and stunning she looked. Each step she took was gracious and gentle. Her dress had lace trimmings and crystal detail at the waist band. It was a fish-looking style, very form-fitting, like it was made just for her.

I couldn't help but wonder what their story was. The ceremony went on peacefully and beautifully. I cried a bit when they said their vows to each other, which they wrote. In their vows, I sensed that they dealt with some tough obstacles in their relationship and the urge to find out their story was even more pressing.

On our way to the reception, I asked my boyfriend, who was the friend of the groom, what their story was. What he said just made me appreciate this couple even more.It turns out this couple is already married and this is their five-year anniversary renewal. They met at a party in 2005 and apparently the groom didn't even talk to her the first time they saw each other. They met because he took her number from a raffle ticket she filled out and proceeded to call her days after the party. He called her and after some initial, "Don't call me again because you stole my phone number" response, she finally agreed to go out with him (persistence pays sometimes).

And that began a loving, lasting relationship. The very romantic and inspiring part of their story is that the bride's parents didn't like him. In fact, her dad explicitly told her if she stayed with him, he would disown her (talk about a difficult situation). Anyway, they both decided to go ahead with the relationship and in February 2007, he proposed to her and she said yes (meanwhile her relationship with her dad was shaky because she stayed with him).

They got married in a small ceremony summer of 2007 (only her sisters and her pastor were present because her parents refused to come). For four years they both worked hard to show her dad that her husband is a good man and one that deserves his daughter's love and trust. In 2011, the bride and groom paid the bride's parents a visit to plead their case.

They decided they wanted to renew their vows in a traditional wedding ceremony because they didn't get to do that when they got married in 2007. Being that the bride's relationship with her parents (especially her dad) was already shaky, they didn't know what to expect. To their surprise and relief, they finally received the bride's parent’s blessings. The father told the groom he is glad they came to him because he knew he was wrong to put his daughter in such a difficult situation and he now sees that the groom truly loves and cherishes his daughter.

And a year after that, here we all are at their beautiful wedding, with both the groom and bride's parents smiling and celebrating with their children. I must say this wedding really inspired me and the story taught me that with love and hard work you can overcome anything.


Cassidy Lorne Story by: Cassidy L.

Cassidy Wedding Story

My name is Cassidy Lorne and I am 16 years old. Several months ago, my mother, who is my best friend, got married to my stepfather.

I remember the day so clearly - from us getting our hair done to her walking down the aisle. Getting our hair done together was an experience that neither of us was new to and we laughed and joked all through it. As they curled my hair, I held her hand and told her that no matter what, she'd always be my best friend, even if we no longer shared the same last name. I looked in the mirror at both of us standing together with our hair done. I longed for the gorgeous, long hair that my mother had, which was placed in an elegant up-do.

It was hard to hold in tears as I helped her into her beautiful wedding gown. I couldn't suppress the feeling that she wouldn't just be my best friend and mother any more, she would be someone’s wife. As I passed her beautiful bouquet of lilies, I kissed her on the cheek, being careful not to smudge her stunning makeup. I told her how much I loved her, and how absolutely stunning she looked.

As the wedding march started, I watched her walk down the aisle to the man I knew would make her happy. I couldn't hold back tears when they said their own vows. It was then that I grasped how deeply she loved him. I will never forget that day, where my beautiful best friend made me understand how deeply one person can love another.


Lisa Wedding Story by: Lisa S.

Lisa Wedding Story

I have attended many beautiful weddings. My upmost favorite is the one with my Godmother, Paula. She has always been so beautiful on the inside and out, but was never able to find a nice man deserving of her. She always worried about being alone. After many years, she finally found her dream guy on a social media site. They ended up getting married within six months and have been happy ever since. She gives me the hope that someday I will someday find my prince as she did!


Lindsay Wedding Story by: Lindsay H.

Lindsay Wedding Story

I went to a friend’s wedding in January of this year. I was dressed in a sexy number, feeling rather glam, as one does when they go to weddings. The wedding was on a beautiful farm in the countryside, with lots of dogs and animals.

All was going well, until just after we ate. The party was just kicking off, as it does when everyone has eaten and the speeches are over. I was ready to get my dancing shoes on! But before I stepped onto the dance floor, a huge, standard Poodle passed me by. I love them to bits. I obviously had to go give it a snuggle and a kiss.

Satisfied, I went off to dance. But five minutes later, my head started to itch so badly. I didn't think too much of it, but then it went down my back and my arms. It was an uncontrollable itch. So I went to find my husband. Before the words came out my mouth, I could see by the reaction on his face that there was definitely something wrong with me. He looked at me as if I was an ogre. Not 30 seconds later, I had just about everyone at the wedding staring at my face, thanks to my husband.

Basically I had an allergic reaction and my face was swollen and red. But the funny part was it was only red with two stripes from my mouth on either side. Everyone said I looked like a clown. Gee thanks!

My husband suggested we go home. I said no way. I was at a wedding to celebrate my friend’s marriage and just because I looked weird (I think my husband was embarrassed for me), I was not going to let that stop me. He kept telling me to go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. I refused, knowing that if I saw how I truly looked, I probably would leave. The owners of the establishment gave me some antihistamine and so with a swollen and red face, we partied with our friends!

I allowed them to take a picture of me, so I could at least see what I did look like the next day. The picture apparently does no justice to how bad it really was.


Genesis Wedding Story by: Genesis C.

Genesis Wedding Story

The members of the string quartet exchanged brief glances before beginning the “Bridal Chorus” in perfect harmony. As the notes resounded through the chapel, the seated guests were overcome with silent excitement and anticipation. The evening sunlight gleamed through the windows and brought out the loveliness of the limestone walls and wooden pews. I took a deep breath and began my graceful walk down the aisle. My hair was perfectly styled in romantic curls that flowed to my waist, just the look my fiancé adores.

My makeup was soft and gave me a radiance that reflected my inner happiness. My dress, a snowy white, flattered every curve on my body as if it had been made for me and no one else. I smiled sweetly at my soon-to-be husband, who looked at me with tears in his eyes. Soon we would have our long-awaited marital kiss, and then the evening would be filled with beautiful decor, fun music, delicious food, enchanting conversation, and even fireworks and a movie-worthy exit. This was perfection.

I suddenly snapped out of my fantasy and returned to reality. I’ve been planning my own wedding so long that I often daydream of it. Alas, I was not at my own wedding. I was, however, at a wedding, seated in the church, waiting for the ceremony to begin. I looked around, examining every detail and comparing it with the plans in my head. Black and orange? What were they thinking? Weddings are not a time to celebrate Halloween, I thought, pursing my lips at the color scheme, reaffirming my own choice in pink, ivory, and champagne decor.

I shook my head slightly at the cheesy CD tracks that were playing through the speakers. Nothing like live music, especially that of a string quartet. I leafed, with silent horror, through the wedding program. Why would they choose Comic Sans font? You can download free fonts that look like calligraphy online! There was no doubt in my mind that this wedding would be a disaster.

The lights dimmed, and in walked the bridal party. My worst fears were confirmed as the bridesmaids walked in with ill-fitting, bright orange dresses. Ugh. That color is flattering on no one. I inwardly rolled my eyes at the cheap little spider web accents on their bouquets. Just because it’s an October wedding doesn’t mean you have to go the Trick-or-Treat route. Finally, the bride walked in, looking beautiful with the exception of her neon orange eye shadow. I felt like I was gazing into two traffic signs. The bride reached the altar, the music stopped, and the pastor began the ceremony.

Now that the ceremony had started, I stopped paying attention to the details and actually listened to the words the bride and groom were saying. I noticed the bride’s rosy cheeks and trembling hands. I noticed when the groom steadied her trembling hands by taking them in his own, gazing at her with pure and utter adoration. Before I knew what was happening, tears were streaming down my face. I didn’t even care that my mascara was ruined. I could truly feel the love between them, and I was so grateful that I had been invited to share in this sacred moment.

After the ceremony, I was ashamed at myself for criticizing silly things that don’t matter. So what if things weren’t the way I would have done them? Two people were lucky enough to find each other and were so in love that they had committed their lives to each other.

I learned a lot at that wedding. I still have my own wedding plans, but I’m not as worried that things won’t go exactly as planned. Weddings aren’t about having the right font on the programs, or having impeccable hair and makeup, or having everything go perfectly. If, at the end of the day, you’re married to the one you love, then everything went perfectly. My biggest plan now is to marry the love of my life, so I know that my wedding truly will be perfection.


Emily Wedding Story by: Emily

Emily Wedding Story

I'm Emily from Houston, Texas. My husband and I met in high school in 2007. Yes, we are proud to say we are high school sweethearts. I was 16 and he was 17. We met through some friends of ours and hit it off instantly. Yes, we were young, but how can you deny what we felt?

Things moved pretty fast and I moved in with him. Two years later, the night before Christmas Eve, we got the best news ever. We were expecting our first baby. That changed us for the better. On August 14, after 21 hours in labor, we were finally holding in our arms the glue to the family. She grew up before our eyes.

A year later, on November 29, after 16 hours of labor, our second beautiful daughter was born. Our family was growing. This past July was my 21st birthday. What a better way to celebrate then to go to Vegas? So there we were in Vegas, having fun. On our last day there, my husband had been acting weird.

I asked him, "What's bothering you?" He teared up and said, "I wanted to marry you in the chapel your mom and dad got married in, but I didn't have enough money to do it." I told him it didn't matter all. All I wanted was him by my side and by my daughter's sides. We could get married any other time. I'm proud to announce we will be getting married next year and are planning to have another baby and try for a boy. Wish us luck!


Lupita Wedding Story by: Lupita R.

Lupita Wedding Story

On October 6, 2012, I will be attending a wedding in Florida. I have the honor of being a bridesmaid for the first time. It is not just any wedding. It is my sister, Fernanda’s wedding. She has been through a lot of heartache and I am so happy and proud that she found an amazing man to share her life with.

I would love the chance to surprise her with extensions that I know she will absolutely love because I have purchased from Human Hair Extensions before. She has two beautiful little girls, unfortunately from two different fathers, but her fiancé treats them like his own. She moved to Florida almost two years ago and I don't see her often. I'd love to doll her up for her BIG day!


Maranda Wedding Story by: Maranda M.

Maranda Wedding Story

My husband and I had our wedding ceremony on July 13, 2012 after being married for almost three years and both being active duty soldiers in the United States Army. We were engaged three months after meeting at PT one morning. He was poking fun at me struggling to do pushups, but later that same morning told my grumpy butt to "Smile, it'll make the day go by faster."

It wasn’t long before we knew we were each other's happily ever after. But before we could plan out a wedding for our mutual families to attend, (I’m from Ohio, he is from Nashville and we were both stationed in Fort Stewart, Georgia and many of our family members were having trouble with their schedules and other commitments so they wouldn’t be able to attend) we were deployed as military police officers in the same unit and platoon to Afghanistan for a 15 month long tour.

It was really hard for us to see each other during those 15 months, but the short time we spent together in that war zone was extremely precious and meaningful. We got home from Afghanistan on my 21st birthday on July 12, 2009 and were married 12 days later in a civil service with just us two in attendance in Hinesville, Georgia.

We were just so happy to be home and we got up one day and decided to go get married. Since then we have had two children. I recently got out of the army. We have had to move states, sell our house to buy another one and a bunch of other stressful things that you don’t want to hear about.

But FINALLY, after almost three years, we renewed our vows and had a small ceremony at an old, 18th century, tattered-up church in South Carolina with just us in the bridal party. But this time many wonderful friends and family were there to celebrate as well. My picture is of me with short hair, but as soon as my already ordered Human Hair Extensions get here, I’ll have long, gorgeous hair that my husband thinks is super sexy!


Lauren Wedding Story by: Lauren P.

My Journey Through Weddings

September 15, 2011 was the first wedding I attended. Prior to that, I only knew what people told me about weddings and what was portrayed in TV and movies. I had such a limited understanding and did not know what to expect. Weddings held such a tradition for hundreds of years, if not longer, and no two are the same. Of course, there are similarities, but it comes down to how the bride and groom and families decide to celebrate the union of marriage. I could go on forever writing about the differences and variations, but we want to know what my experiences are.

September 15, 2011 was the wedding of my brother, Wes and lovely Kim. Wes is seven years older than I, established in his career in excavation. He met Kim online about seven years ago. They hit it off really well and began dating and learning about each other. Kim was single, looking for friendship and possibly a relationship. She has a great outgoing personality, is a real people person and loves to laugh. He is thoughtful, quiet, and caring. They seemed to be opposites, but hey, opposites attract.

Soon into their relationship, Wes moved in with Kim and her daughter, Keirsten. As they grew together, they knew they were perfect for each other, so they began planning their future. They bought a house near Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, about five years ago, continuing their happy lives together.

Since then, they indeed have been busy. Wes works long hours with the excavation company and doing projects at home. Those projects include the home renovations, backyard landscaping and building trailers. Kim, successful with her own house cleaning business, decided to use her entrepreneurial spirit in a new direction to start her own photography business. Keirsten is like any teenage girl, is completing high school, working part time, learning to drive and focused on guys. Among all this, Wes proposed to Kim on Christmas. They embarked on a whirlwind of planning and Kim used her creativity on all the fine details, right down to name cards and table arrangements, all on a budget.

Our family were happy for Wes and Kim, but also felt some nervousness. My parents are not the type who like the spotlight or to be the center of attention. Wes and Kim understood their concerns and did the best they could to accommodate my parents and Kim's parents, especially since her parents shared the same concerns.

As for me, this was a whole new experience, a lot of firsts, including first bridal shower and first time as a guest at a wedding. The games at the stag and doe were entertaining. I'm not much of a fan for trying my luck, but it was a lot of fun to watch, especially the blow fish races. The bridal shower was such a delight. My mom and I drove up to Kim's sister's home for it and I enjoyed listening to the wine tasting presentation. I got to meet more of Kim's family and friends.

Now for the wedding checklist. I had a date. Chris and I have been dating for six years and he was the perfect man to accompany me. My family knows him and enjoys his visits. I was happy that Kim did not select me to be a bridesmaid. I know, that is a weird statement, but it requires explanation.

For me, I wanted to play it low key and that plan worked out. I enjoy being myself; I'm not a fan of trying to be Miss Personality. If people are going to like me, I want them to like me for who I am. A friend once described me as a Wildcard, that no one knows what I will do next. I feel that is a fair description of me. There are days where I am the life of the party, and other days where I am cool, collected and thoughtful. I love attention and I'm a risk taker when I choose. I'm strongly opinionated and I'm very much the type where it’s 'my way or no way'. That always complicates new friendships, but hey, after a while I definitely know who my good friends are.

So here was my nervous feelings about this wedding. This was my very first wedding experience and I did not have much understanding of the traditions. I don't have a close connection with Wes and Kim. Wes and I pretty much grew up with separate lives; he was into sports and construction and I was into reading and writing. We get along great, but we just don't have a close connection. For the last so many years, I only saw Wes and Kim passingly. For me, the way we interact works. And so I was glad I was not selected to be a bridesmaid.

The series of events leading up to the big day was a lot of fun. Chris and I planned out what I would wear. We went shopping to a great area of stores and as the afternoon flew by, we found the perfect dress. It was actually him who spotted it, up high on display in the boutique. I looked at it uncertainly, but decided to try it on. Looking at the mirror, I was amazed and in awe. I was gorgeous in this black and sea-green dress. I fell in love with it and had to get it. The shoes were relatively easy to find. After a couple of stores, I settled on a pair of black sandals that fit the part. For the nail polish, we took the dress to the hardware store and scanned the green to obtain the paint card match, so we could take the paint card for nail polish shopping. It was a great idea.

The big day came and we both scheduled the day off work. I started glamming myself up. I know it’s not my day, but I wanted to walk in like a princess. I had everything needed acquired, including a clutch and jewelry. My greatest challenge was my hair. I have long, thick, dark blonde hair (not colored), and its’ a battle to get it straight, flat and perfect. After the shower, chemical hair treatment and blow dry straight, I was ready to finish making myself glamorous. It was chilly that day and I grabbed my cool grey leather jacket for the cold air.

It's a good thing I had my jacket, because when we arrived to my hometown of Acton, we discovered this was an outdoor wedding. No real worries. We parked and stepped out of my black, sexy luxury car and we definitely were looking the part for a beautiful evening. Chris was handsome in his black suit, dark blue shirt and red tie. I felt proud to be at his side.

We walked over to the gathered seating, greeted my parents, and my grandpa (my dad’s dad) jumped up to see us. We had a quick chat, said hi to some relatives and took our seats. We had arrived just in time.

I looked up at Wes and I could tell he wasn't at ease. Being in the spotlight was not his comfort level and he indeed was nervous. But he was a trooper and did great. He was even was very sharp in his suit.

Regardless of the cold, it was a beautiful afternoon. The sun was shining; blue sky with adorable white, puffy clouds spread out. This was at the local legion hall property and Kim had picked the best spot. Beyond the altar was a decorated arch, with an opening between some trees, revealing Fairy Lake. Absolutely perfect.

Away behind us was a white stretch limo, hosting the bride and her bridesmaids. One by one they emerged, with the beautiful bride at the end. The ladies smiled, but everyone knew they were cold in their summer dresses.

The bride Kim came out and she was smart. She added a white shawl to help with the cold. She walked up to the altar and it was picture perfect: sunny, blue skies, lake behind them. I guess every wedding has its humorous moments. There was a wind that tried to ruin her hair. The maid of honor was quick to make some adjustments and the ceremony continued. To everyone's relief, we did not need to stay out in the cold for long. Vows were exchanged, the mothers signed as witnesses and the beautiful couple signed. As the ceremony concluded, they walked away to the waiting limo.

But wait, there was a commotion from the parking lot! A woman was running towards the couple, carrying a bird cage and pedestal, calling out "Wait, Wait!" Wes and Kim stopped and everyone had to laugh. The woman caught up to them at the limo and set up her display. Kim, unable to control her laughter, gave the lady a big hug, conversing with her. None of us could hear what they discussed, but we all could assume.

With the lady's help, Wes and Kim released a pair of doves named William and Kate. This officially ended the ceremony and everyone entered the legion. Very good timing, because the sky darkened and threatened to rain.

We found our seating and to my family's delight, we were at the same table. Chris and mom and dad, grandpa, Aunt Anne and Uncle Tim and we added Uncle Jim. No shows for Jim's table and we didn't want him to be alone.

Table conversation was great, catching up with the relatives on what's new in life. Soon after, Wes and Kim were introduced to the gathering with a grand entrance with the wedding party. Dinner commenced and it was awesome. It was so great, we asked for seconds. Many compliments to the Auxiliary Ladies of Acton for the dinner.

I'll be honest, the rest of the night became a bit of a blur. LOL. I had a few too many drink and based on what I remember, everyone had a great time. The older crowd started to leave in groups and the younger crowd began to party. The DJ played good music and Kim arranged for a dance instructor to come in and get everyone, I mean everyone, involved in line dancing. I'm not into that type of thing, but I joined in. I'm lucky Chris was outside for his smoking habit, or else he would have filmed it.

Near the end of the night was the cake cutting. It was delicious and made especially by the maid of honor. The night was winding down and it was time to go. We said our goodbyes and thanks to Wes and Kim and left with some bottles of wine and some table flower arrangement for my parents.

It was a great wedding, and proud to be my first.

But my story isn't over yet. During the preparations for Wes and Kim's wedding, there was another wedding in the works. Chris and I met Mel through friends some years ago, and she was engaged to John. They don't live in our area, so we did not get to see them often. But when we did, it was always a great time and we have a great friendship with them.

I don't really know the story or history of how they got together. They both have children of their own and are really great parents together. They have big hearts and are so kind to everyone. We love their honesty and compassion for all. I went along for Mel's bachelorette party in Kitchener, where we went to a comedy club. That was such a new experience for me.

They had selected a very different kind of ceremony. A Destination wedding in Cuba in November 2011, with a reception back home in March 2012.

During this time, I went through financial hardships of being laid off from my job and pounding hard at the search for new employment. The Cuba trip would have been too much strain for us, so we passed on it. But when we were at their stag and doe, we confirmed we would definitely attend the March reception.

So yeah, we had to do things low-budget for March. We decided to do pretty much the same outfits from Wes and Kim's wedding; my dress was too beautiful to leave in the closet. But we accessorized me a little different. I picked up a great necklace and a pair of interesting boots that our friends nicknamed 'hooker boots.' To top it off, I added accessories to my straight and flat hairstyle. Kim mentioned that she wore hair extension at her own wedding. To add, I had gone for a hair trim, and the hairstylist cut more off than I would had liked. I began researching hair extensions and discovered your amazing website. My first purchase was red and purple highlights, which I love. But for this wedding, I wanted to use blondes as a lowlight effect to my hair. I ordered a set of Platinum 20" from your site and I love it.

This wedding was in Kitchener and it seemed like it was becoming a routine with how I got ready. We were ready with my platinum lowlights and went.

We arrived at a moment of drama. There was a dispute with an arriving couple who were not admitted. Thankfully for us, we had no involvement in this moment. But it was so sad to see how it affected the wedding party.

We walked in and took some seats. We happened to turn around and see Chris' ex fiancé there with her husband. No worries, we get along with them.

The ceremony started and I could feel the tension from the crew. John, who has a Scottish background, was very handsome in his kilt. Mel was so beautiful in her dress, with stunning bridesmaids. It was a quick ceremony and at the end of it, everyone was much more relaxed.

The crew left for pictures and everyone else mingled. Mel and John had a great idea of not setting seating assignments. Chris and I joined up at a table with the rest of our friends who were not a part of the wedding party. We definitely became the lively table during dinner, perhaps a little too loud for the others. LOL. Dinner was good and we partied.

Yes, once again, after this point, my night became a little blurry from the drinks. Chris and I got the DJ to play some group favorites and kept it lively.

All in all, it was a great wedding and Mel and John are happily together.

I started this with Wes and Kim's wedding, dated last September 15, 2011. There is one more wedding to discuss, for September 15, 2012. Obviously, it has not occurred yet, but there has been the following series of events leading up to this day.

I knew Heather since high school and Chris knew Dave's family. Heather's personality has a lot of similarities to Mel and John. She is compassionate for all people and has a big caring heart. Dave is very understanding and a great listener. Chris and I take credit for introducing them and it was a great match. But with long-time friendships, it has its ups and downs. Heather approached me last year with being a bridesmaid and I, as politely as possible, turned it down. We were going through a rough patch in our friendship and it didn't feel right to me to do this. No hard feelings and all is well. In my own way, I support the happy couple and they know it. Chris and I had fun at the respective bachelor and bachelorette parties. And the bridal shower at Heather's aunt's home was so elegant.

This upcoming wedding is set at a beautiful golf course and winery in St. Catharines. This time, we decided to find me a new dress. It wasn't so much that we decided we would seek a new one, but lady luck smiled upon me when we stumbled across a sexy black dress at one of my favorite stores, and for an awesome price. Using that dress, we planned everything else from it. One day I tried on a waist cincher under the dress and we took a ride over to visit Heather to see what she thought. I know, a black dress for a wedding is a little dark, but it's such an amazing dress. She loved it and wanted me to wear it with the 'hooker boots.' Hey, the bride loves the look, we can do that. She was asking about my hair, because she loved what I did for the last wedding with the platinum lowlights. We said we were thinking of purple this time and she had a better idea. She cut me a piece of the color fabric sample for the bridesmaid dresses, a royal blue color, and requested the hair extensions in that. We loved the idea and I ordered the blue hair from your site.

That's about as much as I can continue about this wedding. We're very excited about it and looking forward to seeing another happy couple tie the knot. This one year journey has shown me the beauty of weddings in that no two are really the same, but they all have the magical aspect that makes the day so much fun for all.

I guess the next question is when will Chris and I get married? We don't know. We're happy with the way things are at this moment of time. Maybe in the future we'll embark in that big step of total commitment to each other. Right now there are other priorities, such as finding a new job to continue my career. I have been working off and on the past year, but have not found a great place to work at to make into my home away from home. But, we have discussed ideas for a wedding. We're thinking something a lot more intimate, on a much smaller scale. One idea we have agreed on is the possibility of traveling to Las Vegas to get married. Make a trip out of it, an exciting one indeed! I love the idea and it would be memorable for the rest of my life. A wedding is all about that special day where it would be all about Chris and I and how we make it our own. Of course, we'd invite our family and friends to join us in this great Las Vegas adventure.

But it's still a dream and fantasy at this stage. But it is fun to fantasize about what I would wear and how I would do my hair. My career path doesn't really have room for dying my hair and playing with colors. That's why I love your products so much. I can have that creativity to play with colors and effects with my hair and the extensions, without any permanent issues. My hair extension collection is small and I would love to add to it. Chris and I love the color purple and I think that would be so cool to be in a gleaming white dress, with blonde and purple hair to accent me. I have some purple now, but I think I'd need more to achieve that desired effect.


Nicole Wedding Story by: Nicole I.

Nicole Wedding Story

Hey there, I'm Nicole - let me tell you a little bit about myself and my wedding!

I was the luckiest girl when I bagged my hot commodity, (lol) Jon, when we were married August 20, 2011. We had the most gorgeous wedding and the best time of my life. I am very lucky to be married to someone who is so good to me! It was such a beautiful and unique wedding that wedding websites, magazines, and even the venue (for advertisements) were requesting pictures from our big day. Here's a link to the well-known stylemepretty.com You can read our story from the beginning (of how he proposed) all the way until our woodsy outdoor wedding and reception (from butterflies to handmade brooch bouquets, woodsy accessories and more!). We also have our entire gallery of wonderful photos on another link from that site

I hoped you have enjoyed learning about our great wedding experience. It's so funny how I ran into this "chance" to win these hair extensions at Human Hair Extensions today (and on the last day of course to submit!). I was actually feeling a little low and honestly needing a pick-me-up as I began to thumb through this website looking for hair extensions. It must have been fate! As you can see in my wedding photos, I had gorgeous dark brown hair. It was all my own - my pride and joy. Since my wedding, however, my scalp plaque psoriasis has taken a vengeance over it. My hair is much thinner in areas…and my scalp, well, it's seen better days! I've had to go through the extremes of taking prescribed medications by self injections to keep my psoriasis stable. It really hurts my confidence as a woman at times and I find myself dwelling on what it used to be like. I would love to get some of the thickness/length back I once had and loved. I believe the simple idea of these extensions would make me feel as beautiful as I once was last year on my wedding day. Stress also hinders the stability of my scalp psoriasis, and unfortunately, I have a lot right now! My brother, Brenton (one of my handsome groomsmen!), has been diagnosed with AML (bone marrow leukemia) and is currently beginning his bone marrow transplant as we speak this month. He will have undergone much chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and other tests before accepting a loving donor (which I unfortunately was not a match for). Wish him well! He is very full of life and love as you can see in my wedding pictures - and looking at them as I share them now makes me very happy!


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