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2014 Prom Contest

Kiara Y

This look is simple, quick and easy. I used all drug store make-up, so this look is also inexpensive, yet still looks glamorous enough for Prom!

  • First, I started off using a primer by NYC (Shade 684) so everything would stay on all night without running.
  • Then, I used my favorite liquid foundation by Rimmel (Match Perfection in 130 True Ivory).
  • I then filled in my brows with a dark brown color, from an NYC brown eyes palette.
  • Then I completed the face part by using a blush from my Khloe's Kardazzle fullface palette (Khroma Beauty).
  • Next, for the eye part, I once again used my Khloe Kardazzle palette and used a tan and gold (glitter) shadows and applied it all over my eye lid. I then applied a dark brown on my brow bone to get a simple, natural, smokey eye look.
  • For the eyeliner, I used my all time favorite liquid mascara from NYC. I also did a simple, easy winged eyeliner.
  • Lastly, to finish this look off I used my Lash Accelerator mascara by Rimmel.

Now for my hair, it was quite simple. I just used my 20 inch Remy ProExtensions and curled them using a 1/2 inch barrel!


Kailah V

The way I prepared for prom was very simple. I decided that I didn't need to spend tons of money at the salon, so my mom did my hair for me and I did my makeup!

She used a Conair wand and Treseme hair spray to keep my curls from falling. I used Mary Kay mascara, gold eye shadow and blush, and Elf foundation. I also decided to do a simple contour on my face with the foundation and concealer.

Lastly, I topped my look off with a soft pink lipgloss.


Danielle L

I used all Mary Kay products for this look.

  • First I used the Time Wise cleanser and moisturizer to create a clean canvas.
  • Then I used a face primer and eye primer along with the satin lips to help keep my make up on while I dance the night away.
  • Then I used a yellow-based concealer to cover up blemishes. Using a yellow base takes away pink undertones from your skin.
  • Next I highlighted with a beige concealer on my nose, eyes, chin, and above my cheek bones.
  • Then I used two different liquid foundation colors. I used the luminous liquid foundation beige 3 all over my face, and I used a luminous beige 6 on my cheek bones, near my chin and forehead to embrace the structure of my face. After that I used a beige 1 mineral powder to blend in the lines naturally, also putting a powder on top of a liquid will set it so it will keep your make up on longer. Once this is done I used a strawberry-colored blush, along with a bronzer that you use right under your blush line to create depth to your cheek bones. I also used a downtown brown lip color.
  • For the eyes I used a white in the corner of my eyes, and white below my eyebrow to make it pop.
  • Then I used brown in the corner of my eye with a purple in the crease to bring out the green in my eyes.
  • Last I finished it off with the ultimate mascara and liquid eyeliner with a little bit of black pencil eye liner on the bottom lid.
  • I also used ProExtensions in my hair to do a beautiful half up/down look that tied it all together!

I loved the way I looked, and I felt like all eyes were on me!


Erica H.

My make up was a simple and no dramatic style. Just a light eye shadow (brown color) with a highlight under the brow. Highlighting and contouring were also a part of creating the overall look as long as some fake eyelashes incorporated. A pale red lipstick was also added.

My hair was just a simple loose French braid on the sides pulled back into a medium curl with my ProExtensions giving it more volume and length.


S Fitzgerald

How I did my hair and my make up for prom was very simple and not too over the top.

Hair: For my hair. I did it myself and straightened out my natural curls and then did loose curls and just let them fall to keep it cute and simple.

Makeup: I used my normal cover up make up from cover girl non oil make to keep my skin oil free. I used some light pink blush to put a hint of color on the apples of my cheek and I did some conturing and highlighting. For my eyes I used a nice peach and orange shimmer eyeshadow, I used a black liquid liner to line my top eyelid and then used a regular cover girl twist crayon on my bottom lash. I used two coasts of cover girl mascara on the bottom lashes and one on the top and I then applied my false lashes to the top and that was my final look.


Emily J.

To get a look that I knew would last through all the dancing and sweat of prom night, I started with a face primer. I used my favorite primer, Smashbox photo-ready face primer. I applied it all over my face using my fingers. Next, I used concealer on all of my problem areas. MAC's Pro Longwear concealer provided the perfect coverage. I blended it in using my beauty blender from Ulta. Using my beauty blender again, I used my Rimmel London BB Cream to give full coverage to my face. I then used a stippling brush to apply a pressed powder also from Rimmel. Using a stippling brush kept my powder and foundation in place and I used a matte powder to make sure that my face would not be shiny in pictures. I contoured my face using a Physician's Formula bronzer and added a Benefit blush on my cheekbones.

I filled in my eyebrows using a Benefit eyebrow pencil. I then primed my eyes using the Urban Decay primer potion. Using an eye-shadow primer was important because I did not want my eye-shadow to crease throughout the night. I then used my Naked 1 palette by Urban Decay to get a gorgeous smokey eye. I started by applying the color "Sin" over my entire lid. I then used "Sidecar" on my crease and "Smog" on my outer corner and then used "Darkhorse" to blend my crease and outer corner. I used "Virgin" to highlight my inner corner and brow bones. I used a black liquid liner from Sephora on my top lashine and winged it out. I used a black pencil liner on my lower lashline and smudged it to give a true smokey eye effect. I then applied several coats of Benefits "They're Real!" Mascara.

To finally finish my look I used a bright pink Maybelline lipstick followed by the matching lip gloss. This look will stay in place for hours and hours and not sweat off during all the dancing!!



I started looking locally and everything seemed really basic, and that is the opposite of what I was going for. I also did not want to risk wearing the same dress as someone in this small town! After searching locally for a few days I asked my mother if we could go to Birmingham and visit stores there. Birmingham is only about a hour and a half away, so that was not that big of a deal. Once my mom said yes, I went on a prom dress store raid online and made a long list of prom dress stores close to each other in the Birmingham area. I probably had ten different stores on my list and I was determined to get to every one!

We finally set a date and made our trip to Birmingham. I had very high expectations as I pulled up to every store, only to leave let down. The searching soon became very frustrating because no stores had what I was looking for. Most stores just had basic colored dresses and the dresses that were my taste were all above my price range! I could have easily just settled for a dress from one of the stores I visited, but I was determined to find the perfect dress. We made out trip back home kind of disappointed, but I had one more idea that I wanted to try!

Once I got home I had the idea that I would make another list, except this time I would be going to Georgia! I made my list of stores and asked my mother and she said yes (I probably have the worlds greatest mother, right?). We set a date and headed to Georgia. While I was in Georgia I saw some amazing dresses that were all out of my price range! If it was not one thing it was another. I even went to the “Say Yes to the Dress” store in Atlanta where I thought I would be saying YES to a dress, but I found nothing. We made yet another hopeless trip home. Through all the failures and about twenty stores I still did not give up hope.

When I got home that day I thought about another alternative that I had never really considered: online dress shops. I was always told not to get your dress online because it might not make it in time and you need time for alterations and stuff, but at this point I wanted to take a chance. I got online and found a website called promgirl.com, and I became very interested. First I checked how long shipping would take and once I saw that it was only four days I was determined to find my dress on this site. The cool thing about online dress shopping is that you can shop by your price range so that you would not fall in love with something that you can not have. After scrolling through many dresses I found the perfect dress at the perfect price! I told my mom about it and we measured me and ordered the dress with our fingers crossed. I have a YouTube channel where I make videos and I planned to do a small review and unboxing once I got the package.

Four days went by, and my mom brought home a PromGirl box. I was very excited and hesitant to open it, but I turned on my camera and started filming my unboxing! The dress was everything that I could ask for and then some. It looked even better in person! I turned the camera off after the review and I ran to try it on. The dress fit beautifully and needed no alterations. After that, I edited my video and posted it online. What I thought was going to be a small helpful review turned into a video with 40,000+ views! It brought me many new subscribers and even an upcoming opportunity to work with PromGirl during next homecoming season! I am currently working with www.promdressshop.com for an upcoming video as well. Now, when you search promgirl.com on Youtube, my face appears! Who knew that a prom dress search would bring all of this?

Prom day came, and I felt great in my dress and had a wonderful time. I filmed a prom get ready with me that received 20,000+ views as well. This dress brought so much happiness to my prom. So many of my subscribers wanted the dress for themselves, so I sold it to one of them at a low price. It felt good to know that someone would have that same feeling as I did when I unboxed my dress for the first time! She emailed me and said the dress was beautiful and fit perfectly. My story just goes to show that you should never settle for anything less than what makes you feel happy. None of it would have been possible without my wonderful mother!


Brandi F

"Ever since I was in middle school, I had always wondered what Prom would be like. I always had the questions like, 'Is it really a magical night like movies portray it to be, or do people really stand against the wall to wait for a gentleman to ask them to dance?' I had so many questions.

"My junior year came around and it was time to decide whether or not I was going to attend prom. At the time, I had been dating a handsome man for almost half a year. His name was Austin and we lived in different counties, therefore we went to different high schools. Since we had only been dating for 6 months, I didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable at my prom, so, and I decided to wait and do something with a smaller group of friends. We decided to go to Stone Mountain near Atlanta on the night of prom, and then have a nice dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I had such a wonderful evening celebrating, however, I couldn’t stop thinking about the experience of prom. When I got on social media websites I saw all the photos from prom that night. I saw people that I knew transform into Gods and Godesses. They looked so happy, and I promised myself that no matter what the situation was, I was going to my senior prom.

"November of my senior year: I started seeing some posters and announcements about the upcoming prom. Immediately I started to get excited. I was still with Austin, and we were as happy as could be. We both decided to go to prom. Even though he was going to my high school’s prom, he still felt the need to ask me to attend my own prom. I included a picture only because this moment meant so much to me. I had been waiting so long to get asked to prom, and it was very exciting. He took me to a very nice restaurant, and when I was looking at the menu, he showed the waitress something on his phone. The waitress laughed and said “I don’t think we serve that here.” I was confused and asked him what he showed her and it was just a photo of a lobster. So I laughed it off and thought nothing more of it. At the end of the meal the waitress comes out with dessert, and on the plate, it had “Prom?” drizzled in caramel. That moment was so sweet to me. Yeah he didn’t go all out like some guys do, but that isn’t how our relationship is. We are comfortable with one another and we both enjoy the small things. So of course I said yes, and then the planning started.

"For months I was constantly online looking at different styles of dresses, different brands, and everything. As you can recall, I had never been to a prom, I wasn’t sure what I would like. And on top of that, I had to keep in mind that Austin’s outfit would have to complement my dress. So eventually I stopped looking online and just decided I was going to shop for a dress and hope for the best. So during Winter break at our school, my family and I flew up to Pennsylvania to visit my dad’s side of the family. His family lived in a small town, but there were quite a few shops along the strips. My mom decided to ask my dad’s grandmother (my great grandmother) to go shopping with us to find a prom dress. We go into the closest shop first. I walk in and immediately saw this gorgeous dress, I run up to it, admire it and decide to try it on. However, the shop did not have the price tags on the dresses. So I was unaware of the price tag for the dress. I loved it so much and asked the price… Let’s just say, there was no way we could afford the dress, and that was one of the “cheap” dresses. My grandmother explained to me that they could overcharge on the dress because it was such a small town and the town residents don’t mind overpaying because the next dress store was a 2 and 1/2 hour drive. I was heartbroken. The dress was beautiful and unique. It was just my style ... I’m not the kind of person to get a negative attitude, but I was very upset about the circumstance. We decided to leave the shop and call it quits on dress shopping there.

"That dress was the very first prom dress I had ever tried on, so of course, it was constantly in the back of my mind...

"When we returned back to Georgia, there was two months left until prom, so my mother decided to take me to a dress shop that wasn’t to far from where we lived. I was really nervous to go dress shopping again...

"When we arrived at the shop, we were there 15 minutes before they even opened. My mom decided to go sit on a bench near the street, and I decided to stare at all the dresses in the window display. I was excited, there were so many different styles, patterns and colors! A few minutes pass by and I’m in the process of making a checklist in my head of what dresses I was going to try on. A lady came up to the door and unlocked it early and greeted me. She was very bubbly and joyful. She said that since I was the first and only customer at the moment that I could try on as much as I wanted and she could help me carry the dresses and change, etc. She was great, the experience was amazing. I remember the first dress I tried on, it was a mermaid style dress ... I did not like how tight it was around my legs. Immediately that knocked off a few dresses that I planned to try on. Then I tried on a colorful dress, and I didn’t like that either because I am more of a neutral colored person. I like simple tones. Automatically the dresses became very limited...

"I was beginning to think we should just leave and forget about it, again. But something caught my eye as I was heading towards the back of the store to put my shoes back on. Some dress was shining in the light, but I couldn’t see the full dress because it was crammed in with other dresses.  I asked the lady if it was okay if I pulled the dress out, and she said 'Of course!' My jaw dropped when I pulled out the dress ... it was the same exact dress that I tried on in Pennsylvania!!!

"My heart was beating so fast, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I gasped and called my mom over to me. She couldn’t believe it either. Then I thought about the size, I was afraid to look because the certain shop that we were in didn’t carry the same dresses in all different sizes. I looked at the tag and it was the perfect size!!!! I skipped to the dressing room and put it on. I fell in love all over again. How could it be? Then came the tough question…how much is the dream dress?

"The lady broke the news to us...

"The dress was HALF the price that it was in Pennsylvania! Plus, the lady would include a pair of earrings and shoes of my choice for only $40.00 more. She went to the back of the store and pulled out the prettiest heels. The heels looked beautiful with the dress and then there was earrings that looked stunning as well. We could easily afford the dress now!

"I cannot explain to you the amount of excitement I had!!! However, I had to think about Austin and what he would wear ... and the lady came to my rescue again. She said we could match up my dress right then and there with an ivory tux. Then we matched the beads on a dress to a tie that they had. (You see, I didn’t want Austin to see my dress until the night of prom). He didn’t care what he had to wear, as long as I was happy. We bought the dress, along with the accessories. I promise you that I could not stop smiling. I was ready for prom now. What amazing customer service!

"I got the dream dress ... the very first one I ever tried on ... what are the odds? My excitement only grew as prom approached. I wanted to look beautiful that night, and I knew that I would.

"The morning of prom I was wide awake and pulled out my dress, excited as ever. As the hours passed by, I got my hair curled and makeup on by a stylist. But I’m the type of person that I like to style my own hair. I had been wearing ProExtensions WAY before prom and a lot of stylists in my area don’t have experience with clip-ins. But that was fine, I love doing my hair and being creative ... so I decided to go big with my hair style and achieve the texas look.

"The extensions blended beautifully as I pulled my hair back into bobby pins. I really felt like a princess when I got fully dressed. Austin and a lot of my friends were already outside of my house because they were meeting at my house for the photographer. So I go out the back door and walk up the driveway and I see Austin. He glanced at me (he was in the middle of a conversation) then he looked back at me and his first words were 'Oh my gosh ... wow ... You look like an angel.' Then everyone else turned towards me and agreed with his statement.

"I truly had a one of a kind dress. No one else at prom had a high-low dress like mine. And the beads and colors were great in the light. To top it off, Austin was the only guy at prom to pull off an ivory tux. We matched flawlessly.

"I don’t have to tell you how prom went, because you already know it was a success. My question was finally answered ... it WAS a magical night.

"I have now finished my freshman year in college, but I still remember that experience. I don’t understand how perfect it was ... I loved prom. I suggest that everyone give it a try at least once. I am so glad I promised myself to go.

"Me and Austin have now been together over 2 and 1/2 years and we are still as happy as can be. I will never forget my dress, my cinderella dress. I hope you have enjoyed my story, because I truly enjoyed reminiscing on it and its so refreshing to share my joy!!!"


Danielle L

I saw this CK dress one day when I was at work and I fell head over heels for it. There was one problem, it was a size to small, so I made it my goal dress and used this as my motivation!

In the past I did not always loose weight in a healthy way, but this time I wanted to do it right. I stopped eating fast food, and did some yoga everyday, and before I knew it the dress fit me perfectly.

I felt gorgeous, and beautiful, and for the first time I felt confident in my appearance. This dress helped me find my motivation to live healthy


Kiara Y

Every little girl imagines what their fantasy dress will be for their Prom or special day, which includes many hours of playing dress up and trying on fancy dresses. I was looking forward to my special day for many years, too.

After hours of trips to malls & boutiques, I could not find a dress that fit my tall and athletic build and if I did, it was WAY out of my very limited price range.

My mom had heard about a wonderful local program in my area called the Cinderella Project. It helps girls find the perfect dress without the financial burden associated with Prom. The very first dress I tried on was a perfect match. It was like Cinderella and the glass slipper! I was so excited and felt beautiful. No one could take away my shine on that big day!


Riria N


My name is Riria Niimura. Today I am sharing my magical prom story.

I moved to LA 2 years ago from Japan. The fact I could attend the prom 2014 was one big unbelievable fortune.

Ever since I was 3 years old, I was dreaming to go to prom with this perfect boy and my original dream has always been to become a fashion designer. However, unfortunately, because of a huge difference of tradition, we don't have prom in Japan...

Since I met Alexandre at the music school I attended last year, we had a planned on wearing something "EPIC" to the prom, because we love DIY-ing and surprising people with our creations!

It took half a year for us to make our EPIC prom costume.

We bought sports pads at sports chalet and spray painted them to create a cyber theme. We DIY-ed the corsages with paper, CDs, toy soldiers and ribbons.

For make up, I designed with my own imagination an "Alien" look. As we expected, we got an enormous cheer from the class when we stepped in to the prom! Yay, mission completed!

Here is the concept story (to explain the theme).


Once upon a time, there was an little alien girl (Riria) who was dreaming to go to a prom just like every girl on the earth…

Now, she met her perfect human boy (Alexandre!) who is taking her to the prom!!!!


Kailah V

Hi, my name is Kailah! I'm from Belton, Texas. I attended my junior prom this year and it was Ahhmazing!

Finding my dress wasn't too difficult. As soon as I saw it at this Cinderella boutique, I fell in love with it! The dress was an aqua blue with beautiful gems all along the strap! I felt like a celebrity in it!

At the time, I had a French exchange student named Juliette staying with me. She was very sweet, and she was super excited for prom as well, because in France they don't have events like that! So for me to get ready with her was great. I got to show her all the things we do to get ready for prom, from hair all the way to painting our toenails. It was all a new experience for her, and I was soo happy to be able to share it with her!

After that we both met up with my two best friends Cece and Alissa, we all drove to a beautiful downtown area called the Gin and took pictures by the town's stream. After that, we all went out to eat at a fancy Thai restaurant, and from there we headed to prom!

The theme was Oriental, and all the decorations were beautiful and bright red! The DJ played upbeat music all night and had an awesome smoke machine to make the dance scene feel great!! We all danced for most of the night and enjoyed the amazing chocolate fountain! After the night was over, we all went home and slept soundly with the memory of the night left in our minds.


Erica H.


It seems every little girl dreams of the day she gets married, and goes to find the dress of her dreams. My graduation was just a little taste of that dream experience still to come.

Hi, my name is Erica, and I have now graduated from high school and am trying to find my way in the world. Most people think that finding a dress in Calgary Alberta would be the easiest job possible, but for me the experience was anything but easy.

With the budget I had and the expectations I had been dreaming about, it was difficult to find one that fit into both categories. After months of looking I ended up tired and exhausted from all the failures I had encountered, and was sure there was not a hope in this world I would find the dress of my dreams.

My family and I ended up heading to Edmonton for a getaway weekend that was greatly needed. We stayed in the West Edmonton Mall that weekend and did lots of shopping. I was surprised at how many formal dress shops were in that mall! I was super excited to see if there was a dress that I would fall head over heels for! Over the course of the weekend I tried on over 20 dresses. Sadly, I left that weekend disappointed and without a dress.

The next day I got an e-mail from a girl who wanted to buy my horse from me. Ironically, she lived in Edmonton, so we had to go back up there to deliver the horse the next week. Me, my dad and my boyfriend headed up, and decided why not stop at the mall for a couple hours? Me and my boyfriend gave Edmonton one last shot to see what I could find, and we stopped at Style America.

Just as I was about to pack up, shining in the corner of the store was this magnificent Mac Dougal white dress and I just had to try it on. It fit perfectly to my body and needed no alterations. It was as if the dress was made for me! I had finally found the dress I had been dreaming about since I had started this journey in grade 2!!!


S Fitzgerald


I found the perfect prom dress online when I was searching through some websites. I don't have much money so I was looking for cheap prom dresses and came across the coral dress on debs.com it was the best one I found and I asked my friends and family and they loved that one the best. It was so comfortable and smooth and silky I never wanted to take the dress off it was so comfortable. It was very bright and beautiful gown that was just the price for me.


Emily J.


I recently graduated from high school and my graduating class was huge. I always got really stressed around the time of Homecoming & Prom because of the amount of people so I always decided not to go. I really wanted to attend  my Senior Prom because it would be my last one.

My parents gave me a budget of $100 dollars to spend on Prom total. That $100 had to include my dress, hair, nails, shoes, etc. I knew that with only $100 I wouldn't be able to have my hair or makeup done so I would have to do it myself. The problem was finding a dress for under $100 bucks. My mom and I went to tons and tons of stores in my area and I tried on what seemed like a million dresses. I could never find one within my price range that I liked. My plans with my friends for Prom changed and since I didn't have a dress, I decided not to go. I still did the hair and makeup that I was going to do for Prom and decided to still have fun and go hang out with my friends. I had a blast, AND my makeup lasted all night. I was sad I didn't get to go but I realized there was nothing I could do about it.

A couple days after Prom my mom and I were at our local Goodwill store. When we were in the checkout line, my sister pointed out a gorgeous prom dress hanging in their formal dress section. I took the dress off the rack and instantly fell in love with it. It fit like it was custom made for me and when I asked the cashier how much it was I wanted to faint. $10. I paid $10 for the prettiest Prom dress I've ever seen!! Even though I missed my Senior Prom, I get to wear this gorgeous dress at my boyfriend's Senior Prom this upcoming school year. I couldn't be more excited about finding such a good deal on a dress that fits me like a glove!!

2014 Prom Contest

2014 Prom Contest (May 12 to June 20)

Preparing for Prom takes a lot of work. From selecting the perfect dress to making an appointment to get your hair and nails done, it can be a stressful time. When you add in making dinner reservations, ordering a boutonniere and figuring out what time and where to meet all your friends, it can be a tad overwhelming. Let Human Hair Extensions help!

The grand-prize winner in each category will receive a FREE set of extensions of their choice, along with a $100 Visa Gift Card! The runners-up in each category will get a $50 Human Hair Extensions gift certificate! All non-winning entries will receive a coupon code good for 20% off their next purchase. Entries will be accepted May 12 - June 20 and can be submitted to promos@halohairextensions.org

The contest categories are as follows:

Prom Tips and Tricks (Picture Tutorial)

  1. Email us a photo of yourself displaying your best prom hair, makeup, nails or skin care regimen. Be sure to include a description telling us what steps you completed to achieve this look. The picture can be of just your hair, just your nails, just your makeup, etc. You do not have to have a photo or description of everything. If your hair was professionally done, tell us what inspired you to select that style, and how your stylist created the look.
  2. Submissions can be emailed to promos@halohairextensions.org
  3. We will post your photos to special facebook and pinterest galleries and on our website.
  4. From May 12 to June 20, get your friends and family to 'like' and 'share' your photo from our facebook album. The person with the most 'like's and 'share's combined wins the contest.
  5. We will stop counting 'like's and 'share's at 3 p.m. EST on June 20.
  6. The winner and runner-up will officially be announced on facebook and Twitter around 4 p.m. EST on June 20.
  7. All prizes for non-winning entries will be emailed following the winning announcement.
  8. The winner and runner-up will be contacted via e-mail to obtain the necessary information to ship their prizes.

Say Yes to the Dress

  1. Email us a photo of you wearing your prom dress, along with a short non-fiction essay, telling us how you found the perfect dress. Maybe you spent hours trying on dresses at different stores, maybe you bought it online, or maybe a friend gave you one of her old ones. Anyway it happened, we love a good fashion story!
  2. Submissions can be emailed to promos@halohairextensions.org
  3. Entries will be accepted May 12 to June 20. The cutoff time to submit a photo and essay is 5 p.m. EST on June 20
  4. All submitted photos and essays will be posted to our website and social media pages.
  5. A panel of Pro Extension staff members will vote to select the winner and runner-up. The winning names will be announced on our social media pages on June 27.
  6. All prizes for non-winning entries will be emailed following the winning announcement.
  7. The winner and runner-up will be contacted via e-mail to obtain the necessary information to ship their prizes.

All decisions and entries are subject to review by Human Hair Extensions. Human Hair Extensions reserves the right to disqualify or omit any submission for any reason at any time. All decisions are final. Submitted photos become the property of Human Hair Extensions and we reserve the right to use the images on our social media pages. Copyrighted or stolen images and content taken from third-party blogs, websites or other sources are not acceptable and will be disqualified. Anyone found to be using electronic means to generate likes and shares will immediately be disqualified. Contest winners have 30 days from winning announcement to claim their prize, otherwise it will be forfeited. Gift certificates issued for runners-up and coupon codes issued for non-winning entries must be used within 30 days of issuance, otherwise they become null and void. Contestants may enter both categories, but one person can not win all prizes. In the event that one person should win both categories, Human Hair Extensions reserves the right to select an alternate winner.  

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